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Our Team

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Sarah Weaver

Hi, I’m Sarah, also known as the governor! Obviously I’m the brains behind the whole of S and G! I set up this business 10 years ago as a small livery yard of 12 stables ! Let’s say it’s grown lots over the years! I love being part of my ever growing team and helping out on the yard when I can. I organise all the events and keep the show on the road. In my spare time.... I leave the country !! I ride my own horse Wally and keep my flock of sheep in check with my side kick George !

Robyn Macaskill

Hi I’m Robyn! I’ve worked for Sarah since 2010 when I started as an apprentice after doing my A Levels. I always knew I wanted to be an instructor and so worked my way up the BHS levels to where I am now. I’ve ridden for as long as I can remember and eat sleep and dream horses! When I’m not at work I like to be out competing my horse Daisy or having days out with my friends and family.


Lisa Powell

Hi, I’m Lisa. I've been with Sarah at S&G from the start.  I have taught lots of people to ride over the years.  At S&G, I ensure the smooth running of the livery yard and ensure all horses and ponies receive the best possible care. In my spare time I ride the lovely Flash who I have trained since he was broken in,  I've also started to train my other baby horse Freddie.  When I'm not with horses I love spending time with my beautiful grand daughter.

Sammi Jo O'Reilly

Hi i’m Sammi, I am a trainee instructor here at S&G. When I am not training I am taking care of the ex-race horses. I have my own horse here whom I ride a lot and aim to do a lot of competing on him in a mixture of disciplines. Outside of work I have children and 2 dogs to care for but I spend more time with my horse than I do at home!

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Vickie Chapman

Hi I’m Vic and most would say I’m a little crazy! I’m older then 30 but not yet 40 and have been riding horses since before I could walk. I left school at 16 to work with the faithful 4 legged friends and have never looked back, I’ve worked with many kinds ranging from young stock to competition horses. I’ve been lucky enough to compete in all disciplines however my love lies in dressage. Outside of horses I have a family which contains a small zoo! All of this keeps me fairly busy.

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